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Wrong Language


I downloaded and initiated install of x86 version. It appeared to be an an asian language, I speak English and am local to USA. How can I get English version of this program?

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kenobonn wrote Apr 5, 2012 at 9:03 PM

Got the source code, noticed a lot of messages hardcoded into japanese. Used a translator as best as possible for embedded messages. In the setup program (NoteAddinsSetup), I changed the Localization from Chinese Traditional to English. Got a compiler warning that could not match culture 'zh-TW' so using culture 'en' instead (good). Fixed a bad reference in installer to c.lang, pointed to wrong location.

Eventually, got an installer in the English language! For those who fly blind, the first form of setup has Next button all the way on the right (I was choosing left, which is cancel, when using asian installer). Second form defaults to just me for radio button, changed to upper radio button for everyone, again Next button is on right. Third form is confirm page, having next button on right again.

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