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 NoteHighLight 是為 OneNote 2010 增加程式碼高亮語法的套件。功能介紹

NoteHighLight for the OneNote 2010 add code syntax highlighting package.


The syntax supported by C #, SQL, CSS, JS, HTML, XML, JAVA, PHP.

使用方法(How to Use):

1. 依照Office2010的版本,選擇對應的壓縮檔下載。安裝說明

    Accordance with the Office2010 version, select the corresponding zip file download.Installation instructions

2. 選擇要HighLight的語言,並輸入程式碼。

    Select HighLight language, and enter the code.


3. 按下確認。程式碼即輸出到OneNote上。

    Press to confirm. Code that is output to OneNote on.


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